What do I as a Hostess Have to Do for a Spa Party?
As a hostess, the only requirement for you to do is to invite your friends, decide which service style you would like to have at your party and we will bring the appropriate spa professionals to you!

For instance: if your spa party style is our a la carte menu, the party hostess would help the Pampered Soul coordinator record the services that each guest would like to receive, and e-mail the information to us. We will then come up with a schedule which will be available at the Spa party.

How Long does a Spa Party Last?
Spa Parties can last from 2 hrs or 4 or more hours this all depends on how big of a spa party you may be having. However, the more spa services you request the more spa professionals are needed.
Can I add an extra person or more during the spa party?
Yes! We would more than happy to add one or more guest to your party, the guest or guests would be fitted into the schedule appropriately.
Can I Just have a Massage Party?
Yes you can! You don’t have to add other spa services if you don’t wish to. It’s your party, and we will accommodate you!
Have you ever provided your spa parties for Couples?
We have provided our services to couples and the men really seem to enjoy it! We also have done parties with mother’s and daughter’s of any age. If you have a unique idea, we are all ears! The important thing is that you are happy, have fun, and are overjoyed with your experience.
Have you ever done your services in a nursing home setting, bedside in the hospital or bedside in a patients home?
Yes we have! In this situation, please clear it with your doctor first, most doctors are very open to the idea, and in advance please let us know exactly what the medical condition may be before booking. We have worked with the elderly, the sick and terminally ill. Cancer patients, and many other medical conditions, we just want to make sure each client is provided with the right treatment. It is a very kind gift to provide for the weak or disabled and we are happy to accommodate these unique and sensitive situations.
Would you travel to New York?
We have traveled to New York City on a few occasions, most of the parties that we have done were for Christmas parties for corporations, and some Bridal parties. Roundtrip traveling fees and parking fees will apply.